Why Outsourcing Cleaning Services Is A Smart Move For Your Florida Business

By Bryce Clark

Florida businesses consider the dilemma of whether to perform a wide range of duties in-house or by contracting with an outside company. Cleaning services are often at the top of the list. Finding a top-notch firm to handle cleaning for your business has many advantages.

Reduces Supervision Stress And Liability
Staffing your own housekeeping crew diverts the attention of you and key employees. Focusing on the mission, products, and services your company provides is a far better use of your time. Premier commercial cleaning companies train and supervise their employees, and provide liability coverage to protect clients like you. You get skilled cleaning services without the stress of hiring, training, mediating disputes, terminating ill-suited workers, and performing and funding all the payroll and benefit costs for your own cleaning staff.

Eliminates Equipment Headaches
Many Florida commercial cleaning services purchase and maintain the powerful equipment they use to perform both routine and deep cleaning tasks. Employing a professional service gives your company the opportunity to benefit from the latest innovations in cleaning tools and products without the investment of capital or the need for dedicated storage space.

Higher Quality Results
A commercial cleaning company in Florida must deliver the best services possible, or its clients can look elsewhere for a more successful outcome. When you hire a cleaning company for your business, you specify your priorities and expectations, holding that company to what they promise.

Take care to ensure you can terminate the contract quickly if the cleaning company is not delivering. Commercial cleaning companies worth your consideration take pride in completing the tasks better each time. Their specialization allows for economies of scale, and rapid improvements in results as their equipment upgrades and their staff masters advanced training.

Scalable Workforce
If your Florida business experiences special cleaning requirements due to expansion, remodeling, accidents or other emergencies, or natural disasters, a professional cleaning service ramps up its response swiftly. Where an in-house cleaning crew would be overwhelmed, a company dedicated to providing cleaning services can increase the availability of crews, tools, equipment, and products to meet your needs.

Take the time to determine whether contracting with a licensed and certified Florida commercial cleaning company is in your business’s best interest. Look for cleaning firms that employ IICRC trained technicians and keep their equipment up to date and use innovative and efficient cleaning products.





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Is Hurricane Irma Still Damaging Your Home Weeks Later?

By Bryce Clark

By now, weeks after Hurricane Irma, floodwaters have mostly subsided, and Florida homes are finally drying out. Even now, costs continue to mount, and damage continues to strike the unprepared. Floodwaters can damage entire communities long after being drained if proper attention and care are not administered in time. Moreover, even if all types of damage appear to be repaired, further problems may lurk just below the surface of your home. 

Most long-term storm damage from floodwaters in Florida stems from the water’s ability to seep into the structure and cause damage that is both difficult to reverse and highly dangerous. Standing water creates pressure on anything to its sides or below it, meaning it pushes water into tiny cracks and pores that can create serious problems later. Once the primary volumes of water have been drained, these embedded pockets of moisture remain and continue to cause problems. Acidity in the water may eat away at surrounding materials, and nothing from wood to stone is safe from this effect. Temperature swings may cause the water to expand and contract, causing cracks to form in stone, concrete, and masonry in your home. Moreover, finally, moisture in wood and fabrics can provide an excellent environment for mold to grow in, creating another issue that could cause negative health effects for you and your family.

When some or all of these effects combine, the results can be devastating for your home. Even if the damage was light during the flood itself, long-term factors could rack up enormous costs if they are not dealt with professionally. Average homeowners and even most cleaning agencies lack the tools and training necessary to conduct necessary cleanup and repair work with optimal efficacy, as most cases require industrial cleaning and water removal solutions. Instead, consider hiring a dedicated storm damage cleanup and restoration company that has invested in advance the materials and personnel needed to clean up storm damage effectively. If you are unsure of your home’s safety in the aftermath of hurricane Irma, be sure to contact such a company for an evaluation and thorough investigation of the property.





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Get Ahead Of The Curve With Regular Drapes And Blind Cleaning

Get Ahead Of The Curve With Regular Drapes And Blind Cleaning

By Bryce Clark

Home and business owners frequently ignore drapes and blinds when considering decor and furnishings that need regular cleaning services. It is not uncommon for carpet and upholstery cleanings to be scheduled and completed several times over the period of a few years before the window coverings are even noticed.

When you finally decide to look into drapery and blind cleaning they may be so dirty that you barely recognize them when they are returned and hung in your windows. Realizing just how beautiful your window treatments can be may be an incentive to begin adding drapes and blinds into the cleaning rotation.

Most drapes are constructed of fabrics not amenable to simple laundering. Dry cleaning is the most commonly recommended method by which to remove dirt, stains, dust, grease, and grime. Because they hang in windows drapes and blinds both collect insects, pollen, and rainwater.

Blinds present different challenges. Simple slat designs in metal, wood or plastic collect grease, dirt, and dust. Attempting to clean them as a do-it-yourself project is nearly impossible as they are awkward to scrub, and the soiling on them drips and smears, staining the cords that provide their structure. Professional blind cleaners use an immersion or ultrasonic techniques to loosen and eradicate the dirt on both sides of each slat. Blinds can also be made of fabric, bamboo, reeds, and a range of other materials. Each has a particular cleaning protocol a professional drape and blind cleaner is familiar with using successfully.

If your drapes and blinds are showing signs of neglect, do your research to find a local cleaning company experienced in dry or wet cleaning of the kinds of materials that make up your window coverings. Arrange for a baseline cleaning and then plan to have them cleaned professionally every 2 to 3 years. If you reside in a dusty or windy area or smokers reside in your home a yearly cleaning might be more appropriate.

When choosing your blinds and drapes cleaning company look for experienced and certified technicians who perform the actual cleaning. Providing help taking them down and rehanging them after cleaning is a plus.




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Get The Carpet Cleaning In Your Residential Property That You Deserve

Get The Carpet Cleaning In Your Residential Property That You Deserve

By Bryce Clark

Let’s face it; it is unlikely that any of us are willing to put forth the effort to rent or purchase an industrial carpet cleaning machine and use this device on the carpeting and upholstery items found in our homes. It has nothing to do with being lazy and has everything to do with feeling like we should enjoy a day off every now and again.

Professional carpet cleaning, residential or otherwise, involves using hot water soil extraction equipment to dislodge or dissolve dirt accumulated within carpeting over time. Unless you become a carpeting expert, performing this service yourselves could cause damage to the fibers or change the characteristics of the carpeting in your home. A professional carpet cleaning service provides you with access to equipment of varying sizes. Everything from hand-held portable units to truck mounted self-sustaining equipment that offers a faster, more efficient method for cleaning spots and stains missed by smaller units.

These professionals use preconditioning agents containing ammonia or vinegar and agitate stained areas with a grooming brush or automatic scrubbing machine. Using an automatic cleaning tool, or wand, they pass over each surface to rinse preconditioners, loosen residues, and remove particles that have accumulated over time. Having a hot water extraction method performed on your carpeting helps remove more dirt and grime than regular vacuuming while also protecting your carpeting from wear and tear.

There is an attachment called a bonnet that allows cleaners to scrub stained areas, or provide you with a deeper clean than normal with an oscillating pad that attracts soils. It turns your carpet cleaner into a mop and bucket that eliminates additional residues. Shampooing your carpet using wet cleaning rotary machines, followed by hot-water extraction gives you the best results and cuts drying time. Having these services performed at least once a year results in obtaining a beautiful, healthy carpeting surface for your family to enjoy while protecting your initial investment as well.

Take this opportunity to contact a local restoration company that you trust; they can provide you with the carpet cleaning services you deserve and help you maintain a clean, healthy environment at home.



Chemical Spill Cleanup Procedures

By Bryce Clark

A disaster does not have to be the result of a huge weather event or a fire. A minor spill of a cleaning chemical or even a mercury thermometer breaking open in a kitchen can empty out a home or business within minutes.

When it comes to chemical spills, even minor ones in your home or business can cause property damage or health problems depending on what was spilled. In each case, you need to call in a professional biohazard restoration company to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the affected structure. Clean-up procedures depend on what type of chemical has been spilled. There are three primary categories: Organic solvents, acids, and bases.

Organic Solvents
Organic solvents (paint thinner, nail polish removers and some paints) are actually explosive in large enough quantities. The first thing a specialist does is make certain all possible sources of ignition are removed or neutralized. This includes needing to turn off the power to the structure.

Next, technicians will pour a vapor suppressant (activated carbon) over the spill to reduce airborne contamination. This is done from the outer edge and working toward the middle of the spill to keep it from spreading. Once that is completed, they will place absorbing pads over the spill to begin removing it. With the majority of the spill removed, smaller pads will be used to wipe up the last traces of the spill; again moving from the edges inward to prevent missing any of the solvents.Chemical Spill Cleanup

Acids (battery acid, lemon juice, and vinegar) must be kept from reaching a drain and getting into either the water or sewer systems. Technicians will use booms (absorbent material in a large bag) to block access and then pour a neutralizing agent (calcium bicarbonate for example) on the spill in the same manner as for an organic solvent. After a few minutes, a technician will check different points in the spill to make sure it has been neutralized. Once this has been accomplished, clean-up can be done with absorbent pads or even paper towels.

Bases (drain cleaner and bleach) are handled in the same manner as acids, but the neutralizing agents are different. Sodium Bisulfate and citric acid would be used to neutralize a base chemical spill. In both cases, clean-up materials need to be bagged and properly disposed of, not just thrown in the trash.

A minor chemical spill may seem like a job that takes just a few minutes to clean-up, but there are risks associated with each category. If one happens in your home or business, call a professional biohazard restoration and clean-up service to take care of it. It is the only action to guarantee the safety of each person who might come in contact with it otherwise.



When Faced with Commercial Water Damage, Time is Not on Your Side

By Bryce Clark

If you own your own business, run a factory, or are in charge of a warehouse, there may be many things that can create disturbances in the way you run your business. One of the worst is commercial water damage. Floods from rainwater or interior leaks and busted pipes can all create water damage to your business. Just as there are many sources, there are many different levels of contamination, and also degrees of damage. You must begin water extraction as soon as possible to halt the damage that can result. For every hour that water is left to stand, additional damage to your inventory and interiors can result. You need to begin extraction and repairs quickly and with professionals who are trained and certified in the best techniques available.

Commercial Water DamageCommercial Water Damage and the Clean-Up that it Requires
Professionals have the equipment to pump away large amounts of excess water that have flooded your business. After extraction of excess water, technicians can get to work on further reducing the water that remains. They are trained in IICRC methods, and complete the water removal process with blowers and dryers specially designed to not emit carbon monoxide. As these are working to bring the humidity and moisture levels back to within normal limits, technicians will begin assessing for damage to your business’s interiors. Carpeting, walls, flooring and underlay, metal structures, and anything else affected by the excessive water will be examined. Continually assessing for excessive levels of moisture will also help prevent mold from becoming a secondary form of damage to your business. They want to leave your business in pre-flood condition. Repairs can begin very quickly, so you can return to business as normal sooner. Specialists understand that every day you are not able to conduct your normal business operations is a day without generating any business income. This can harm not only your business, but it can also greatly impact your customers and employees.

Water Damage – Don’t Let it Put You Out of Business
If you’ve experienced an excessive amount of water, be it from an overflowing toilet, outside floodwaters, or a leaking waterline over the weekend, call a professional commercial water damage restoration company.




How To Prepare For A Hurricane

By Bryce Clark

Because hurricanes can cause storm damage to your home while simultaneously posing health risks, being ready for this type of natural disaster is important. By knowing what to do before, during, and after a hurricane, you can limit damage and maintain your sense of equilibrium. Here are several preparation strategies that you should implement to accomplish these objectives:

What To Do Before A Storm:

Once a storm warning or storm watch has been issued, there are several steps you should take to prepare for the natural disaster. Some of them include:

• Bring your grill, trash cans, toys and furniture into the home. This will prevent them from flying away when strong winds arise.

• Cover your windows with plywood or storm shutters. Remember that tape will not prevent your windows from breaking.

• Clear clogged and loose downspouts and rain gutters.

• Reinforce your garage doors.

• Determine the best way to secure your jet skis and boat.

• Install clips or straps to secure the roof to its frame structure.

• Turn off your propane tanks.

• Make sure that your property is fully stocked with all necessary supplies as well as food and water.storm damage

What To Do During The Storm:

• Listen to radio or television broadcasts to remain up to date regarding hurricane developments.

• Turn off utilities (if the authorities instruct you to do so).

• Turn your air conditioner and refrigerator to their coldest settings.

• Fill the bathtub with water. You can use this water to flush toilets.

What To Do After The Storm:

• Keep listening to television and radio updates.

• Be cognizant of any additional flooding and rainfall that transpires.

• Keep away from dangling or loose power lines. Report them to your power company immediately.

• Inspect your property for damages. Take pictures of the damages so that you have the proper documentation for the insurance company.

• Refrain from the use of candles. Instead, utilize flashlights if you are in the dark.

• Keep pets under your immediate control and watch them closely. Also, beware of wild animals, particularly poisonous snakes.

• Do not prepare or drink food containing tap water until you’re certain that it is not contaminated.

• Check the food in the refrigerator to determine whether it has spoiled.

• Wear protective clothes when cleaning up and move with caution to prevent injury and mishaps.

• Refrain from using the telephone unless there is an emergency.

• Do not use a generator in your shed, crawlspaces, garages, homes, or similar regions.


Although hurricanes can negatively impact the structure and safety of your home, using the preparation strategies outlined above can limit and even eliminate these adverse consequences of the natural disaster. It’s also important to note that hurricane damage will necessitate remediation services from a team of restoration experts. With industry experience, they possess the knowledge and skill set necessary to expedite and optimize the remediation process.